Bangalow Music Festival 2014

Bangalow Music Festival 2014

The Bangalow Music Festival is with us again. Featuring the highest acclaimed international soloists and Australia’s most anticipated chamber music ensembles.

Quoting Bangalow Music Festival 2014 Creative Director, Tania Frazer, “This year’s festival is all about the power of partnerships – the internal essence of chamber music. We are particularly focused on the power of two, “If you spend your life with another musician who experiences music maybe a little differently, you can help each other… couples can achieve more.” Couples are more than the sum of the parts.

Chemistry, synchronicity, contrast and balance: this year’s festival celebrates the genius of partnerships, symmetry and the intimate art of couples.”

In 2014, guests from the USA, Singapore, Germany, Israel, and Australia will join the Southern Cross Soloists in a weekend of performances – spanning traditions of jazz, classical and contemporary chamber music.

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